Tue, 10/23/2018 - 3:17pm

SRJC Petaluma offers a free throw tournament as part of our Intramural Sports league! Located in Rotary Plaza, students face off in front of the library and compete to win the Intramural Sports Champion tee shirt! For Fall 2019, The free thow tournament will take place on Monday, October 28th at 12:00pm. 



General Rules: Players must arrive 10 minutes early to be placed in to into brackets, then seeded for a single elimination tournament. Games consist of 3 rounds. The first round has a total of ten throws, the top players with over 7 points advance to the second round. Second round, has 8 total free throws. Players with over 6/8 points advance to round three. Round three has a total of 5 points with the last shot you take being a "money ball", if the last shot you make is made you get two points twards your total.

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