Common Faculty Questions

Copying and basic supply requests

Basic supplies and copies are provided by Faculty Support. All instructors are assigned an individual copy code; instructions will be in your mailbox the first day of classes. Only course material for use in Petaluma classes may be copied.


All faculty have mailboxes on-site in the Faculty Support office, and it is important that these be checked on a regular basis. If you would like to make arrangements to have the contents of your mailbox mailed to the Santa Rosa campus, please contact Faculty Support.

Homework Box

The Homework Box (located on the 1st floor hallway of Call Building near room PC 631) is emptied Mon-Thurs at 12 noon. Materials retrieved from the Homework Box are placed in faculty mailboxes.


Please contact Davida Brookfield if you want to set up voicemail.

Keys & Access Requests

Our facility is utilizing a security system that consists of Proximity card readers in high security areas, and mechanical keys in all other areas. Please contact Faculty Support to start the necessary paperwork. To keep our facilities secure, we collect keys at the end of teaching assignments.  If you have forgotten your keys after hours and need access, contact District Police at (707) 527-1000.