Dialogue Across Disciplines

Dialogue Across Disciplines



Program Mission:

Faculty and student services will work to create an interdisciplinary dialogue around a centralized theme on a complex issue facing our contemporary society.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Students will participate in at least one student service activity offered through student services or Our House.
  2. Students will apply critical thinking to a complex social issue.
  3. Students will explore GE curriculum through a centralized theme.

For Students:

Dialogues across disciplines is a great way to approach the GE curriculum in a way to build college skills, meet new people, and learn more about the world around you. Whether or not you have a decided on a major, taking courses that participate in D.A.D is great way to make the classes you’re taking more meaningful.

For Faculty & Staff:

Dialogue across disciplines is an outgrowth of the interdisciplinary nature on the Petaluma campus. The idea is to intentionally build on the AACU best practices in a way that works with our campus’ strengths.


There are a variety of ways for faculty and staff to participate.

While faculty may fully contextualize their courses around the theme, there are other options for participating, which may include:

  • Collaborating with other faculty on assignments
  • Bringing classes to see on campus speakers
  • Assigning extra credit regarding the theme
  • Participating in the Student Research Conference
  • Incorporating service learning or work experience into curriculum
  • Attending events sponsored by Student Services or Our House (attendance verification


Sample Curriculum Guide (Forthcoming)

Coordinating meetings happen from 10am to 12pm on the last Friday of the month (room TBA).

For more information, contact: AC Panella, apanella@santarosa.edu



  • Theme: Food Justice: Sustainability & Regeneration
  • Suggested Reading: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen


  • WTF Social Justice Conference Friday, April 13th, Keynote Speaker: “Food Systems, Communities, and You” Presentation by Nikki Silvestri of Soil and Shadow


Fall 2017 Participating Faculty:

  • Mai Nazif
  • Jeanette Ben Farhat
  • AC Panella



Coordinating Retreat 1/26/18