Facilities & Operations: How You Can Help

In order to better serve the Petaluma Campus community and maintain our beautiful facility your help is needed in the following ways:

  • Utilize our Service Request System
  • Reset classrooms for next instructor to the original arrangement
  • Encourage students to utilize trash receptacles
  • Reduce light usage; use only what is needed, turn off when done
  • Designate a central contact for each department
  • Encourage acceptable facilities use conduct
  • Discourage and report defacing, graffiti and vandalism
  • Provide clear event needs; avoid changes

Room Use

Please be courteous to the next instructor by leaving your classroom presentable, and ready for the next class. Please do not ask individual custodians to do a job that requires time away from their regular duties as each of them has assignments which must be accomplished by the end of their shift. Classrooms are cleaned and organized once each day. Please do not move classroom or office furniture from their designated rooms, should your space lack any type of equipment or furniture please contact us so that appropriate arrangements can be made.