Dialogue across disciplines is an outgrowth of the interdisciplinary nature on the Petaluma campus. The idea is to intentionally build on the AACU best practices in a way that works with our campus’ strengths.


There are a variety of ways for faculty and staff to participate.

While faculty may fully contextualize their courses around the theme, there are other options for participating, which may include:

  • Collaborating with other faculty on assignments
  • Bringing classes to see on campus speakers
  • Assigning extra credit regarding the theme
  • Participating in the Student Research Conference
  • Incorporating service learning or work experience into curriculum
  • Attending events sponsored by Student Services or Our House (attendance verification)


Coordinating meetings happen from 11am to 12pm on the 3rd Friday of the month via zoom: Sep. 21, Oct. 19; Nov. 16, Dec. 21.

Flex credit available.

For more information, contact: AC Panella,


migration is beautiful



  • Fall Student Research Conference: December 6th from 2-5pm.  
  • Film Screening with Film Maker: The Pushouts, Monday Oct. 15 1:30-3pm . 
  • Film Discussion TBA the week following the film screening. 
  • As part of the Wednesday night film series, In America on Dec. 5th.
  • Social Justice Conference, April 2019

Fall 2018 Participating Faculty & Departments:

  • Jeanette Benfarhat, PoliSci
  • John Stover, Sociology
  • AC Panella, Communication
  • Amanda Morrison, Our House Intercultural Center