Lori Kuwabara

Lori Kuwabara
PC 688
(707) 778-3935

I'm a native Californian, originally from the suburbs east of East Los Angeles. A sansei, I come from Sacramento farmers on one side of my family and small business entrepreneurs on the other (Tacoma, WA) -- originally immigrating from Hiroshima, Japan.

At age 18, I ventured north, first to UC Santa Barbara for college and then further up the coast to the wonderful Bay Area and UC Berkeley. (Go Bears!) Around this time I began exploring the world, first to western Europe, then Asia. I've also been to Central America, all over the U.S., South Africa, Cuba, and the Caribbean. To date, I've been to 27 countries and 17 U.S. states.

Ever since I can remember, I aspired to be an educator and writer. My teaching experience ranges from English as a Second Language (both here and abroad) to high school to community college to university, mostly teaching writing. Since 1994 I've had the honor and pleasure of teaching in the English department at SRJC, with a particular focus on ethnic American literature, cultural studies, equity & justice, and collaborative learning. I'm interested in emotional intelligence, non-violent communication, and happiness as well. Most recently I jumped on the bandwagon of accelerated pedagogy at the developmental level. I continually strive to teach my subject matter in creative, original, non-traditional ways.

Over my many years at SRJC, I've been blessed by my brilliant colleagues and amazing students who have never, ever ceased to inspire me.

Some personal interests: Bikram yoga, Pilates, animals, gardening, concerts, sports (I'm a longtime NBA junkie -- Go Dubs!), Asian food, historical fiction/movies, the 1920's, spiritual health, mi familia.

Namaste. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


Professional Areas of Interest: 
U.S. ethnic literature
Interdisciplinary Learning Communities
Collaborative learning and teaching
Cultural Studies: ethnic studies, women's studies, American Cultures, visual studies
Asian America