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In alignment with Strong Workforce Metrics, the Petaluma Career Education Student Success Team
is committed to providing More and Better CE at Santa Rosa Junior College.



Utilizing best practices that increase

  • rates of retention
  • persistence
  • successful completion of certificates or degrees

The team focuses on creating relationships with students to guide them through their educational journey, overcoming potential roadblocks to success, enhancing and developing their soft skills, ultimately leading to successful employment in their field of study

Skills We Focus On


Communication skills are necessary in the work force. It is applied to all fields. Specifically, public speaking, journalism, radio, etc. We can help you improve your communication skills by holding workshops or having individual meetings.


Collaboration is important in any career path because most professional work cannot be done alone. The ability to get things done in a collaborative manner is essential to a productive career. Our team can help you improve your collaborative skills by showing you how to break down projects and divide up the work so they can be done with organization. 

Problem Solving

Problem solving is a required skill. Using common sense and logic to solve new problems and overcome obstacles will make you more valuable in the work force. Our coaches can help with common problem solving skills and through practice it can be applied and evolved to solve more complex problems.


Networking is essential to career building. Meeting the right people and having the right contacts can get you where you need to be. We here at the Student Success Team can help you find other people on campus whether its other students or instructors to talk to and build your network. 

Grit And Completion

The ability to get things done is a skill employers will look for. It shows that you are persistent and will get tasks done. 


Petaluma Career Education Programs

Child Development: Associate Teacher’s Certificate

Computer Studies: Cisco Certification Training in CCNA Certificate

Computer Studies: IT Support Certificate

Digital Media Audio Certificate

Digital Film Certificate

Emergency Care for 1st Responders Certificate

Fitness Health and Nutrition Certificate

Veterinary Technician Certificate

Wastewater Treatment Operations Certificate

Wastewater Operator Certificate

Water Distribution Certificate

Water Treatment Certificate

Water Utility Operations Certificate

Yoga 200 Hour Certificate

Business Administration

Fitness Health and Nutrition AS

Wastewater Treatment Operations AS