Make a gift onlineThe Friends of Petaluma Campus are a group of interested Petaluma citizens that operate as a committee of the SRJC Foundation committed exclusively to the development of the Petaluma Campus. The Friends formed as a volunteer organization in 1997 to increase community awareness and support for our original Sonoma Mountain Parkway Campus. These individuals are recognized throughout our local community as a dedicated and highly visible group of leaders and volunteers who give generously of their own personal resources and time to raise funds, serve as campus ambassadors and strengthen connections with residents, private businesses, and public entities throughout the South County area. In 2006, in anticipation of the expansion and renovation projects funded by Measure A bond funds, the Friends embarked upon a $1 million fundraising campaign that established two endowments for SRJC, Petaluma; one in support of the overall campus and another in support of the Herold Mahoney Library. The names of donors who contributed to that campaign are memorialized on plaques throughout the campus and donors who gifted $1,000 or more are recognized on the Honor Wall of Donors located in the Call Building Administration lobby.

Endowment investments returns provide a wide array of equipment, materials, and programmatic resources to enrich and strengthen SRJC, Petaluma science and technology education, student, and community life, and support expansion of the Herold Mahoney Library, with particular focus on items not provided by state, local, or bond funds. Thanks to the generosity of our community, the $1 million goal was achieved in 2011. Over the past five years, investment returns from the Petaluma and Mahoney endowments have provided over $91,000 in supplemental funds for library reference books and materials, start-up supplies and equipment for microbiology and chemistry, computers for use in the open lab for students taking digital media courses, biology microscopes, astronomy cameras, cultural events, anthropology lab specimens, a math calculator rental program, and many other needs. A separate fundraising effort helped the campus acquire a Steinway B concert grand piano for the Carole L. Ellis Auditorium; the related 88 Keys Campaign is helping create an endowment for the preservation and maintenance of this world-class instrument.

The Friends of Petaluma Campus is currently engaged in efforts to grow the campus endowments and raise funds for specialized campus needs. For more information, please contact us at 707-778-3927.

  • Lori Enochs - Chair
    CPA, CFE, Torkelson Associates, LLP
  • Ramona Faith - Vice Chair
    CEO, Petaluma Health Care District
  • Tony Parrish
    Realtor/Broker, Parrish Properties  
  • Edie Cheda
    VP & Branch Manager
  • John Dado
    CPA, Retired
  • Kathleen Doyle - SRJC Foundation Board of Directors
    CPA, Self Employed
  • Margaret Fishman - SRJC Board of Trustees
  • Educator, Retired
  • Marsha Harris
    Realtor/Broker, 21st Century Bundesen
  • Noah Jacobson
    Principal, Enso Wealth Management
  • Doug Garrison
    SRJC Foundation/Retired Superintendent/President Emeritus, Monterey Penninsula College
  • Jeff Bricker
    Chair, SRJC Foundation
  • Christina Kauk
    French Instructor, SRJC
    Co-Owner/CFO, P.O.S.T.-Wellness by Design
  • Carol Libarle
    Lace House Linen
  • Kerry Mahoney Davison
    Owner/Broker, Mahoney Davison Co. Property Management
  • Rod Moore
    Attorney At Law
  • Warren Payne
    Keysight Technologies
  • Monty Sullivan
    Attorney, Farmer
  • Doris Tolks
    SRJC Counselor/Instructor, Retired
  • J. Mullineaux
    Executive Director, SRJC Foundation
  • Dr. L. Jane Saldaña-Talley
    Vice President, SRJC Petaluma

From left to right:

First Row: Molly Matheson, Kathleen Doyle (SRJC Foundation Board of Directors), Marsha Harris, Maggie Fishman (SRJC Board of Trustees), Dr. L. Jane Saldaña-Talley (SRJC Petaluma Vice President)

Second Row: Ramona Faith, Edie Cheda, Tony Parrish (FPCT Immediate Past Chair), John Dado, Doris Tolks, Kerry Mahoney Davison, Lori Enochs (FPCT Chair), Catherine Williams (SRJC Petaluma Dean of Instruction)

Third Row: Mike Harris (FPCT Immediate Past Chair), Noah Jacobson, Nicole Smartt, Rod Moore

Not Pictured: Jeff Bricker, Christina Kauk, Carol Libarle, Warren Payne, Doug Garrison, Kate McClintock (SRJC Foundation Executive Director), Matthew Long (SRJC Petaluma Dean of Student Services)


Friends of Petaluma Campus Trust Meeting Materials