Welcome to Petaluma Campus Facilities Operations

About Facilities Operations

The Petaluma Campus Facilities Operations team takes a district-wide approach with SRJC's Facilities, Planning & Operations Division (FPO). The Petaluma Campus provides onsite building maintenance, custodial, grounds, recycling, facility access, and event setup and support. We develop, implement, complete, preventative, scheduled, repair and maintenance projects. We also support students and staff through assistance with the many special activities and service requests on campus in order to provide an inviting, functional learning and working environment.

In order to better serve the Petaluma Campus community and maintain our beautiful facility your help is needed in the following ways:

  • Utilize our Service Request System
  • Reset classrooms for next instructor to the original arrangement
  • Encourage students to utilize trash receptacles
  • Reduce light usage; use only what is needed, turn off when done
  • Designate a central contact for each department
  • Encourage acceptable facilities use conduct
  • Discourage and report defacing, graffiti and vandalism
  • Provide clear event needs; avoid changes

Petaluma Services

For situations that require immediate attention during normal business hours, contact Facilities Operations at 778-3976 (Mon - Thurs: 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; Friday by appointment) in the faculty/staff support office PC 631.

For after hours emergencies, contact District Police at 527-1000.

For any other Petaluma Facility Operations service needs, please utilize our service request system by emailing your service request.

Petaluma Key Access

Our facility is utilizing a security system that consists of Proximity card readers in high security areas, and a mechanical key system in all other areas. All key and card requests are processed through Petaluma Facilities Operations. Please contact Kate Lucas or Heidi Miranda in the Call Building, room PC 631, to start the necessary paperwork, or call (707) 778-3976 for more information.


The Petaluma campus staff is part of the FPO team of 70 talented men and women who are dedicated to providing the most effective, safe, and customer services to the College community. We are especially proud of our most valuable resource - the culturally diverse staff of managers, technical professionals, administrative support, skilled trades, support staff, and students that ensures one of the most beautifully maintained colleges among California's 110 community colleges. In addition to new construction, renovation projects, and deferred maintenance, FPO maintains 70 buildings, 1.5 million gross square feet, multiple athletics fields, and 500 acres that include the Santa Rosa Campus, Petaluma Campus, Public Safety Training Center, and Shone Farm. 


Hank Lankford, Manager

Tim Bell, Coordinator

Jason Kostic, Generalist


Mengistabe Gebre, Manager 

Charles Gachet, Coordinator

Freweiny Fitwy, Custodian

Mieron Ogbazghi, Custodian

Kifle Haile, Custodian


Michael Young

Daniel Pacyao

Administrative Support:

Kate Lucas

Heidi Miranda