Note Taking Strategies

Take the right notes for the right class

Note Taking is an important part of being successful in all of your classes. Use the resources below to see what specific steps you can take to improve this vital skill!

How to be a Better Note Taker

Review your notes every day and look ahead for the main topics and headings. During class try to stay focus on what is being said. Focus on writing the main ideas and key points. After class go over your notes and rewrite them.

How to be a Better Note Taker PDF

Examples of Different Notes

There are many different ways to take notes. This document shows 3 common styles. Look at the examples and find the one that makes the most sense to you.

Examples of Different Notes PDF

The Benefits of Taking Notes

Taking notes can keep your mind active and remember main ideas. This document outlines some easy ways to improve your notes to create better tools for studying.  

The Benefits of Taking Notes PDF