SRJC Student Testimonials

Shawn Hartshorn

 Shawn Hartshorn, Former Chapter President    

After attending my NSLS orientation, I wanted to become more engaged in the Petaluma chapter and was immediately welcomed to join the leadership team. I felt that I could leverage my previous leadership experience to maximize the benefit to each matriculating NSLS member. Throughout my 2-year tenure as president of the Petaluma chapter, I was able to hone these leadership skills and increase member engagement/ enjoyment as a consequence. Soon after, I applied these newfound skills to a student government position at SRJC Petaluma. Representing and amplifying the voice of the students, this new opportunity taught me valuable lessons I still use today. I have no doubt the time spent in these leadership roles has bolstered many important soft skills that will help me to wow any future employer. This Spring, 2022 I will graduate from the 4-year university of my choosing, eager to start my career in Aerospace Engineering, and thankful for the experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today.


Celina Ventanilla

Celina Ventanilla, Former Chapter President, Fall '19 - Fall '21

 Being part of NSLS has taught me so much, and I've met so many impressive and driven people along the way - some of whom I'm still friends with today.  Having been Chapter President for 2 years, I had the opportunity to take what I had learned in our Foundations of Leadership and actually put them into practice while being on the Executive Board (eBoard).  I've learned so much about myself as a leader, and NSLS has really helped me be more comfortable and confident in a leadership role.  This program is a prime example of 'What you put into it, you get out of it,' so I highly recommend taking it seriously and really opening yourself up to learning and discovering things about yourself that you might not have gotten the chance to learn if you hadn't stepped up to the plate.  Make sure to join the eBoard, too, because that's where I think the real learning happens.  Best of luck to new and prospective members!


Madison Smiley

Madison Smiley, Former Chapter Secretary, Spring '21 - Fall '21

My experience with the club has been amazing! I have met a lot of kind people who have answered my many questions and helped me figure stuff out. When I joined the board I was brand new and very confused when I first started out, but all of the leaders made sure to help and were very kind and patient! My favorite part of the program was learning what leadership style I had and meeting on a regular basis for SNT meetings.


Stefanie Ritz, Fully-Inducted NSLS Alumna

When I was first invited to join NSLS I was skeptical as I had not previously heard anything about the club. I spoke to Toni Bacigalupa and Amanda Morrison on campus and they helped me to realize how helpful joining NSLS could be. They assisted me in getting signed up and I began my induction process. Executing the induction process at first seemed daunting, but when I started going to the meetings my induction was really quick. You can go at your own pace; as a student, time management is huge, so to me it was important to be provided enough time to get inducted. When you're fully inducted you get access to an exclusive job board, letters of recommendation, discounts with car insurance, travel, or even discounts when buying electronics. I feel like the biggest perks are the letters of recommendation, travel discounts, and the exclusive job board. In conclusion, not only does NSLS look good on a resume, but you get a lot of perks with joining our club.

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National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS), Petaluma Chapter

Student Presidents: Celina Ventanilla, Shawn Hartshorn and Omar Gutierrez