Petaluma Campus Classified Community

In 2002-2003, the Classified Leadership Team (CLT) was formed with the support of Doug Garrison, former Vice President/Executive Dean of the Petaluma Campus. Dr. Garrison encouraged all Classified Staff in Petaluma to attend the monthly meetings as a way to network, exchange information, and get involved.

In 2018 CLT group voted to change the name to Petaluma Campus Classified Community (P3C).

P3C has continued to meet on a regular basis to provide a forum for Classified Staff in Petaluma to ask questions, discuss issues, offer support to coworkers, share information, and respond to district-wide issues. 

P3C meetings feature regular reports from the Petaluma Managers, SEIU and the Classified Senate. 

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month on the Petaluma Campus. Everyone is welcome to attend. Managers typically present reports from their areas. P3C meetings are video conferenced to the Santa Rosa campus to allow staff from Santa Rosa to participate as needed.

Past Chairs:

  • Michelle Booher-Poggi
  • Kimberly Kalember
  • Linda Perkins
  • Jo Morohashi
  • Scott Lorbeer
  • Lara Able

For more information, please contact current P3C chair: Maria Banachowicz.