What Does Self Care Mean to Student Success?

Our goal as the student success team is to promote student success in every aspect, including promoting and creating dialogue around more a personal attribute to student success, self care.

It is to no one’s surprise that taking care of yourself sets you up for success in any aspect of life, but especially in school. Everyone has stresses, but we can easily forget to take care of ourselves while we go through life. Often times, it is simpler than it appears and much easier to control than outside circumstances. 

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What is Stress?

Stress is often part of life. This will list what may be the causes of stress as a student and in general, as well as the signs that you are excessively stressed. Reading this material will give you an eye opener and spot the causes as your how and why.

What is Stress PDF

Handling Stress

Learn how to manage a specific stressor in your life by following the 3 step process outlined in this document.

Handling Stress PDF

Self Care Quiz

Are you practicing self-care? This super easy self-care quiz will tell if you are or if you need to practice more self-care.

Self Care Quiz PDF