Chris Synicky
Art Faculty
PC 129

Christopher Synicky is an artist and educator. He has taught for over 10 years at several different southern California institutions, has experience curating art exhibitions, and shows his own artwork in galleries throughout the nation.  His work can be classified as contemporary realism focusing mainly on portraiture, the figure, still life, and landscape. He has shown work at Coastline Community College, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Occidental College, Pete and Susan Barrett Gallery, Egan Gallery, Mt. San Antonio College, Huntley Gallery and Kellogg Gallery @ California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, and Santa Ana College Art Gallery.  

Christopher believes that at its core, teaching art is equally as much about instilling a sense of curiosity in students as it is about the subject matter being taught. A strong emphasis on technical skills is necessary but needs to be complimented with a broad view of the art world, past and present, and how it intersects with other disciplines and the world at large. Christopher shares his time between teaching, traveling, and painting in his private art studio.

Christopher received his MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and BFA from California State University, Fullerton. Christopher has taught courses in all levels of drawing and painting, two-dimensional design, life drawing and painting, animation, art appreciation & art history.