Events and Meetings requested by SRJC Staff

If you do not need support in selecting a space, you can log-in using your SRJC credentials and check the availability in EMS  by selecting "browse locations" on the menu to filter and find available spaces. See the Finalizing the Room Reservation section to make the next step in reserving the space. 


Events Support for SRJC Staff Requests

With the exception of the Student Center (Mike Smith Hall and its adjacent outdoor area), you may receive support with selecting a Petaluma campus space, learn about available amenities, and receive guidance in tailoring your event (EMS) request, by contacting  Deb Ziccone

The Student Center (Mike Smith Hall and its adjacent outdoor area) and its amenities are described in detail on  The Petaluma Student Center Space Use Reservations webpage. The process for requesting and support for reserving its use is described in detail there. Your contact for this space use is Angela Hamilton.


Reserving Rooms for Meetings (non events)

This webpage lists conference room spaces and related contact persons. Reservation steps and details are listed according to each location.

If you need a different space for a meeting as an alternative to this list please see below:

  • The scheduling of space for Academic Affairs meetings is supported by Janet Stribling.
  • The scheduling of space for Student Services meetings is supported by Angela Hamilton.


Faculty Booking One-Time Classroom Use

If you are a faculty member looking to book one-time classroom use, please email Janet Stribling or call 707-778-2478.


Finalizing the Room Reservation for Events (non meetings)

After you have selected your space and/or are ready to book an event, contact Angela Hamilton who will place it in EMS.

If the reservation is considered an event rather than a regular departmental or shared governance meeting, please email your Event Request Form to Angela Hamilton

  • Once it is confirmed all info on the Event Request Form is complete, it is presented for Petaluma Leadership Council (PLC) for review

  • Once PLC confirms there are no concerns, it is forwarded to the VP who oversees the requesters area.

  • Once the respective VP resolves any concerns, it is placed on the Cabinet’s agenda for their review. Please be advised that Cabinet review may take a week or more, and there may be specifics to resolve to gain approval.

  • Once Cabinet approves, Angela will inform those who make the request and place event in EMS which schedules event related services.


External Events Support

Support and coordination for rental by external parties is provided by Javier Aguilar

Support and coordination for internal sponsored external party's events (no fee rental) is provided by Deb Ziccone

Both Deb and Javier will submit the EMS reservation and provide day of support as applicable.