Study Habits

Check out our quick tips below to up your studying game!

5 Ways To Power Up Your Note-Taking

Use these 5 actions that you can take to improve your skills as a note taker.

5 Ways To Power Up Your Note-Taking PDF

Make It Stick

In order to learn and retain the information that you are studying, you have to practice it. Use this document to learn practice strategies and identify which of these strategies will work best for you.

Make It Stick PDF

Tips on Studying

Tips on how to initially learn new material and how to review the information afterwards. Ex. Attend class and take notes. Then revisit your notes and recite out loud the important concepts.

Tips on Studying PDF

Seven Day Plan

Use this document to see a sample 7-day plan study plan to use before a test or quiz.

Seven Day Plan PDF

Boosting Study Habits

Follow these techniques to get your mind thinking like a studier. You’ll be able to build new and useful habits, maximize class time and stay active in class.

Boosting Study Habits PDF

Study Like a Champ!

This document has Do’s and don'ts while studying for a test including how to review, utilize professor office hours, and create a study group.  

Study Like a Champ! PDF

Tips For Preparing For Your Exams!

Below are a series of videos the team created to help you get prepared for your upcoming exam.