Petaluma Student Success Team


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Student Succes Center - Petaluma Campus Call Building 690 
Hours: Mon-Thur: 8am-6pm | Friday: 8am-12pm


Who We Are: 

The Petaluma Student Success Team  are peers committed to increasing your success through best practices that welcome, guide and engage students. The team focuses on creating relationships with students to guide them through the steps to successful enrollment, troubleshoot any potential roadblocks to success, assist with Early Alert intervention, and connect students with campus activities and resources.


What skills do we coach:  

  • Organization 

  • Test taking skills 

  • Note-taking strategies  

  • Study Skills  

  • Time Management  

  • Effectively using campus resources 

  • Test anxiety  

  • Managing procrastination  

  • Goal setting & motivation 

  • Communicating with Professors 

  • College Stress Management  

Who are Student Success Peer Coaches: 

Student Success Peer Coaches are high achieving SRJC students who have been selcted based on their: 

  • Academic achievements 

  • Interest in helping their peers achieve similar success

  • Ability to understand skills, stratergies, and techniques to being successful in college. 

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We help students: 

· Develop SMART Goals

· Create student action plans 

· Enhance students success skills

· Help students get priority registration

· Host Peer to Peer Workshops and Discussions

· Connect students to campus and community resources 

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What can I expect?

Once you've booked an appointment online, you meet one-on-one with a coach in the Student Success Center on the Petaluma Campus. 

During your first meeting, you and your coach will establish your needs and you will both get to work on a Student Success Action Plan

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