Petaluma Student Success Team


Petluma Student Success Team Picture

What skills do we coach:  

  • Organization

  • Test Taking

  • Note-Taking

  • Study Skills

  • Time Management

  • Effectively using campus resources 

  • Managing Test-Anxiety

  • Managing Procrastination

  • Goal Setting & Motivation

  • Communicating with Professors

  • College Stress Management 

Who are Student Success Peer Coaches: 

Student Success Peer Coaches are high achieving SRJC students who have been selcted based on their: 

  • Academic achievements 

  • Interest in helping their peers achieve similar success

  • Understand skills, stratergies, and techniques to being successful in college. 

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We help students: 

· Develop SMART Goals

· Create student action plans 

· Enhance students success skills

· Help students get priority registration

· Host Peer to Peer Workshops and Discussions

· Connect students to campus and community resources 

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Meet the coaches


What can I expect?

Once you've booked an appointment online, you meet one-on-one with a coach in the Student Success Center on the Petaluma Campus. 

During your first meeting, you and your coache will establish you needs and you will both get to work on a Student Success Action Plan

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