You will need to Complete and Submit a Packet of the following items:


1. Travel Request (TR) Form 

When to Complete a TR Form

This form serves to summarize the entire travel package and provides an estimated detailed breakdown of travel-related costs. All employees who travel on officially-sanctioned college business must submit a travel package and receive approval prior to traveling.

Your travel package must include a Travel Request (TR) form if any of the following apply:

  • Out of the District, even when no cost is involved. See District map -->map
  • Any Travel when a cost is involved

Helpful Hints for completing the Travel Request Form:

  • Mileage: The SRJC Travel Request document provided by the Purchasing shows guidelines for allowable costs within specific categories. The District uses the federal guidelines for mileage reimbursement. It is helpful to include a map with the mileage calculation with your supporting documents
  • Food: Meals are covered at a per diem rate rather than by reimbursement with receipts. Current Rates: Breakfast ($10), Lunch ($15), Dinner ($20).
  • Advance allowed: up to 75% of your maximum trip authorization may be requested if the total expenses are greater then $100
  • Cal-Card: may be used to pay for the registration, hotel reservation, air transportation after the Travel Request is approved and if a trip number was allocated

2. Supporting Documents

Additional documentation might include:

  • Conference documentation detailing beginning and end dates
  • Conference Registration confirmation
  • Hotel Confirmation
  • Map with your calculated car mileage
  • Notes of explanation on any extraordinary circumstances
  • Air flight itinerary 
  • Any other pertinent information relating to the travel

Approval Process

Your Travel Packet must be signed and approved by appropriate personnel prior to travel, and routed appropriately.

  1. Traveler: sign and forward to your Chair or Supervisor
  2. Department Chair or Supervisor: sign and forward to your Supervising Admin/Dean
  3. Supervising Administrator: sign and forward to Business Services in Petaluma
  4. Business Services: checks budgets and forwards to Vice President
  5. Vice President of SRJC Petaluma: signs and forwards to Business Services
  6. Business Services: creates archived documents and forwards to Purchasing (* or for additional Santa Rosa routing)

*If categorical funds are used, additional routing will occur to Santa Rosa.

How do you know your trip is approved?

  • Once your trip is approved, you will receive a copy of your original Travel Request (TR), along with a Travel Expense Claim form (carbon copy) that you will use once your travel is completed. 
  • File your Travel Expense Claim form somewhere you can easily find it when you return from your trip!


Revising Your Travel Authorization Request

A revised Travel Request Form must be completed and approved if any of the following conditions exist:

  • The mode of travel changes (i.e.. personal auto instead of air travel)
  • The dates(s) and/or time of travel change
  • Cost components are revised to include expenses not reflected on the original authorization
  • The total cost of travel exceeds the amount authorized by 10% or more