Petaluma Travel Procedures

You will need to Complete and Submit a Packet of the following items:


1. Travel Request (TR) Form 

When to Complete a TR Form

This form serves to summarize the entire travel package and provides an estimated detailed breakdown of travel-related costs. All employees who travel on officially-sanctioned college business must submit a travel package and receive approval prior to traveling.

Your travel package must include a Travel Request (TR) form if any of the following apply:

  • Out of the District, even when no cost is involved. See District map -->map
  • Any Travel when a cost is involved

Helpful Hints for completing the Travel Request Form:

2. Supporting Documents

Additional documentation might include:

  • Conference documentation detailing beginning and end dates
  • Conference Registration confirmation
  • Hotel Confirmation
  • Map with your calculated car mileage
  • Notes of explanation on any extraordinary circumstances
  • Air flight itinerary 
  • Any other pertinent information relating to the travel

Approval Process

Your Travel Packet must be signed and approved by appropriate personnel prior to travel, and routed appropriately.

  1. Traveler: sign and forward to your Chair or Supervisor
  2. Department Chair or Supervisor: sign and forward to your Supervising Admin/Dean
  3. Supervising Administrator: sign and forward to Business Services in Petaluma
  4. Business Services: checks budgets and forwards to Vice President
  5. Vice President of SRJC Petaluma: signs and forwards to Business Services
  6. Business Services: creates archived documents and forwards to Purchasing (* or for additional Santa Rosa routing)

*If categorical funds are used, additional routing will occur to Santa Rosa.

How do you know your trip is approved?

  • Once your trip is approved, you will receive a copy of your original Travel Request (TR), along with a Travel Expense Claim form (carbon copy) that you will use once your travel is completed. 
  • File your Travel Expense Claim form somewhere you can easily find it when you return from your trip!


Revising Your Travel Authorization Request

A revised Travel Request Form must be completed and approved if any of the following conditions exist:

  • The mode of travel changes (i.e.. personal auto instead of air travel)
  • The dates(s) and/or time of travel change
  • Cost components are revised to include expenses not reflected on the original authorization
  • The total cost of travel exceeds the amount authorized by 10% or more