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This is always a busy time of year for SRJC, and this year is no exception. Some of the highlights in this campus update illustrate the great work taking place:

  • An unprecedented 450 people attended this year's We the Future Social Justice Conference, which was held virtually on Friday April 16, 2021.
  • Centralization of management continues for the campus with Media Services and Business Services management. The May 12 Town Hall will continue this conversation.
  • The campus' traditional Last Friday BBQ will be held on May 21st. We hope you attend!
  • This year's campus fundraising event, Building Futures, features newscaster Ken Wayne hosting an online cocktail hour. Register for free at
  • Our new Science and Student Center facilities are coming on line over the next few months. Check out this beautiful picture of the new Science quad.


Over 450 Students and Community Members Zoom into 2021's We the Future Social Justice Conference

There's clearly a strong desire for community building and consciousness raising right now at our college and in our broader community. As evidence: SRJC attracted an unprecedented 450 attendees to this year's We the Future Social Justice Conference, which was held virtually on Friday April 16, 2021. Now in its fourth year, We the Future is a collaborative effort between SRJC, North Bay Organizing Project or NBOP--the powerful local activist org that has served as co-host for all four years--and other local progressive change agents including members of the Sunrise Movement, North Bay Jobs with Justice, SRJC's Black Student Union, Positive Images, Daily Acts, and the Sonoma County Tenants' Union.
Highlights from the day include a poetry session featuring San Francisco Poet Laureate Tongo Eisen-Martin and a fascinating keynote address by Boots Riley, lead MC for the legendary political hip-hop group The Coup and director of the 2018 film Sorry to Bother You, an award-winning dark comedy that delivers an extraordinary critique of racial capitalism. Riley definitely delivered a "next-level" analysis of power and how to organize for change! A recording of Boots Riley's keynote address will be available on the We the Future conference website as well as SRJC's YouTube page in the coming days.

Petaluma Student Success Updates Meet Araceli Garcia Arango, Sociology & Environmental Science Major and Student Success Coach

This month the Student Success Team would like to highlight Student Success Peer Coach, Araceli Garcia Arango. Araceli is a Sociology and Environmental Science major who has been working with the Student Success Team since 2019. She says that she decided on these majors because it gives her the ability to help others in her community and the environment. She envisions herself becoming a counselor or college professor. Araceli says that the best part of being a coach is being able to help other students. She says that as a first-generation student, it is helpful to have someone help you out. She also thinks that it is really important to make her fellow students feel like they are not alone. In her time away from school and work, Araceli likes to go on hikes and travel. She says that she loves finding new places. Araceli also dances baile folklórico, which she has been doing for the past 6 years.
When asked what advice she would have given her freshman self, she said she would have told a younger Araceli to “not overwork, enjoy your first year and give yourself enough time to study.” Araceli thinks that enjoying your first year is important and she would also encourage her younger self to join a club that aligns with her interests, as she says that joining a club is a great way to find a community, support system, and friends.
Araceli plans to graduate from SRJC this spring with her degrees in Sociology and Environmental Science and transfer to either UC Santa Barbara or UCLA. After earning her Bachelor’s degree, she plans to pursue her Ph.D.

The Student Success Team is Here to Support Students!

The Petaluma Student Success Team of Peer Coaches are here to support students in reaching their academic, personal, and professional goals. This semester students can meet with a Peer Coach one-on-one through Zoom to receive help with time management, creating structure in an online environment, study skills, test taking methods, and getting connected to appropriate resources. The Team also holds monthly workshops designed to develop these same skills. Students can meet with a peer coach through our Zoom link:, or may text to 833-419-0362, or call 707-778-3616, or email

April is Self Care Month

The Student Success theme for April is Self Care here at the Student Success Team. As we near the end of the semester, the coaches at the Students Success Team are ready to help students improve their study skills, and reduce stress to finish the semester strong.

We recommend trying the following things to improve your study skills and reduce stress:

· Make an appointment with a Student Success Coach to learn about Stress Management (

· Visit the SRJC Tutorial Center (

· Visit the SRJC Health Services (

Attend our upcoming workshops!

Petaluma Student Success Workshops are back!


On March 10th at 1pm the Petaluma Student Success Team held a workshop on time management called “Finding Time”. There was a total of 6 student participants including 2 reporters from Oak Leaf. The information being covered was how to better manage time during the week, how to set priorities in and out of school and free school resources that SRJC offers such as the library, tutorial center, and the Student Success Team itself. We also had a great discussion about tips and tricks to improving time management during remote learning.


On Tuesday April 13th at 1pm, the Student Success Team partnered up with PEERS to provide you Mindful Approaches to Dealing with Stress where (number) students were in attendance. This workshop taught students the importance of finding a healthy balance of school, work, and life and how to be successful at it. We talked about the benefits of having time for oneself as well as mentioning some activities like going outside, exercising, and making sure you get enough rest. We also all participated in practicing the 4-7-8 breathing relaxing exercise. Lastly, we mentioned what the JC health services offer and how to contact them.

Enjoy Transfer 101 Workshop with the Transfer Center

On April 15th the Student Success Team was involved in co-hosting the Transfer Center’s workshop, Transfer 101. The workshop helped students understand how the transfer process works and what to do to be ready to transfer into a 4-year institution. The Student Success Team coaches participated in a student panel discussion explaining their experience when it comes to preparing to transfer.


Student Success Team Update
The CE Student Success Team is Here to Support Students!

Career Education students have a team! The Career Education (CE) Student Success Team is ready to support CE students in reaching their academic, personal, and professional goals. Much like the Petaluma Student Success Team, CE students can meet with a peer success coach one-on-one to get help with time management, creating structure in an online environment, study skills, test taking methods, and getting connected with SRJC Career Hub services. We are also holding monthly workshops designed to develop workplace soft skills. CE students can meet with a peer coach through our zoom link:, text us at 833-419-0362, call us at 707-778-3616, or email

March Workshop Highlights Self Advocacy & Resilience

As part of the Success Skills Series of workshops, On Tuesday, March 2nd at 12:00pm, the Career Education Student Success Team hosted a workshop entitled “Self-Advocacy & Resilience in the Workplace” to a total of 7 students. This workshop helped students learn how to advocate for themselves in the workplace so that they can achieve the outcome they desire for their future. Students participated in a quiz which would help them identify what communication style they are and how they can utilize their strengths and communication style to reach their goals.

CE: Internship Workshop

As part of the Success Skills Series of workshops, on Tuesday, April 20th the CE Petaluma Student Success Team hosted the workshop Search and Prepare for Internships where 4 students attended. The workshop explained what an internship is, the types of internships, the benefits of having one and where to find one with JC resources like instructors, Jobspeaker and The Career Hub. We also went over what someone might need when applying to internships like resume, cover letter, and references. SRJC Internship Coordinator Lauralyn Larsen also joined the workshop to answer any student questions


From your SRJC Facilities Operation Department:

Disposable wipes of all kinds are causing major plumbing issues and are devastating to the environment!

The use of surface cleaning or sanitary wipes are up across the world which also includes our SRJC campus. Unfortunately, these wipes do not break down sufficiently enough for them to safely travel from our plumbing system to the waste processing plants, even the “drain friendly” ones. Facilities has had to deal with an increase in blocked drains and backups throughout the District. 

You can help alleviate this issue by simply placing all wipes in waste receptacles whenever possible. This will stop the SRCJ plumbing from backing up and decrease the load at the sewage plants. The environment is very important to all of us, anything we can do as individuals or as a community to mitigate waste and seeking out alternatives to these products is a win for us all.

Thank you for your support, Facilities Operations


Zoom Usage Keeps Moving Up!

From only a few to 14,550 meetings over the year- Zoom is now our meeting mode of choice.


Renewable Grant from LiteracyWorks Continues

We want to thank LiteracyWORKS on the Petaluma Campus for offering a renewable grant to EOPS students. Students can apply each semester for the $750 grant. As long as they have not taken English 1A, have completed the CA Promise Grant and have registered in credit or non-credit courses, they are eligible. This is an amazing gift from LiteracyWORKS to our students and we are grateful.

EOPS Counselor Workshops & Collaborations Continue

Following the EOPS mission of providing services “over and above,” the EOPS counselors developed a series of workshops for spring 2021. Since the workshops are virtual on Zoom, all EOPS students can attend. The workshops have ranged from covering details about financial aid to writing an essay for a scholarship application. Self-Care & Wellness was well received and DeEboni Noureddine may repeat the workshop toward the end of the semester. (We have not notified students yet, but on May 12 Byron Reaves is hosting the last workshop, an “End of Year” event.)

Joining with other departments, some workshops are now collaborative ventures. The collaborations provide students with a more dynamic workshop and unite staff and students across disciplines, creating a real community. In collaboration with The Transfer Center, Yesenia Hurtado and Amy Merkel are presenting Transfer Transitions April 14. We are excited about the limitless possibilities.

Specific Disability Resource Department (DRD) Hours for CalWORKs & EOPS Students

We are running a pilot program in partnership with DRD to encourage students to see “learning supports” as knowledge that will enhance their lives. Two counselors from DRD, Kim Starke and Margaret Grayson, have open appointments on our SARS schedule available only to our students. We recognize how beneficial this partnership is for students and are working to build participation.

Fired up for Math, Dr. Darling Presents Research

Dr. Felicia Darling, who teaches math in the College Skills/Tutorial Center Department finished data collection on her study, Including student voices in math tasks. What do students have to say about that? Research shows that students who feel like they belong in college, stay in college and that students who are given opportunities to embrace their core values during class feel like they belong on campus. This is especially relevant for students who navigate systems of discrimination on a daily basis… like students of color, first-generation college students, multi-lingual students, students from the LGBTQ+ community, and students with disabilities.

Dr. Darling’s study piloted a pre-statistics math task that invited students to build on their cultural identities. Students created a data set that was relevant to their cultural identity; created a corresponding histogram that was skewed right or left; and then presented on their work during class. Felicia believes that culturally responsive instruction should not be culturally assuming instruction. “We cannot simply include a task related to Hip Hop, just because we have two African American students in our class. Maybe that is not congruent with how those two students make sense of their identities. Instead, we should build on students’ lived experiences and core values.” This task was intended to do just that. Felicia plans to present on her findings at AMATYC next October in Arizona.

Film Fest Petaluma Showcases Latinx Cinema and World Class Shorts

Film Fest Petaluma is currently underway and I want to draw your attention to three programs with a Latinx emphasis in addition to our excellent shorts collections. We've combined forces this year with the Alexander Valley Film Festival to offer a huge slate of films, but these six programs shouldn't be missed.


Boundary breaking behavior binds this eclectic collection of shorts from the (mostly) Spanish speaking world. The filmmakers and English instructor Freddy Martinez will join me for a live Q & A session on Monday, April 26, at noon.


To reflect on the 500-year anniversary of the Spanish conquest of Mexico in 2021, director Rodrigo Reyes offers a bold hybrid cinema experience exploring the brutal legacy of colonialism in contemporary Mexico. Director Rodrigo Reyes will participate in a live Q & A session on Monday, April 26, at 3pm.

Fruits of Labor

A Mexican-American teenager dreams of graduating high school when increased ICE raids in her community threaten to separate her family and force her to become the family breadwinner. Director Emily Cohen Ibanez will participate in a live Q & A session on Wednesday, April 28, at 11am.

And don't miss our three other excellent shorts collections:


Global Visions

Travel the world with this global panorama of visually stunning and emotionally resonant short films. The filmmakers will participate in a live Q & A session on Tuesday, April 27, at 10am.

Close Encounters

Eight intimate stories remind us how a moment of human connection can profoundly shape our lives. The filmmakers will participate in a live Q & A session on Wednesday, April 28, at 7pm.

Horror Delights

Offering more laughs than frights, this cheeky mix of unconventional horror films spans all tones and genres. The filmmakers will participate in a live Q & A session on Thursday, April 29, at 12pm.

All Q & As will be available on demand where you stream the films. A 50% discount off ticket orders is being extended to our SRJC community with the discount code AVFSHeartsTeachers. Visit the Alexander Valley Film Festival website for tickets and information on all programs.


Land Acknowledgment adds Petaluma Coast Miwok

In October 2020, the board of trustees unanimously approved an SRJC Land Acknowledgement, acknowledging that that SRJC sits on the territorial land of the Pomo People, past and present. This formal recognition expresses appreciation and respect for the Indigenous people who live and work on this land, and whose ancestors did so for many years before the first brick was ever laid at SRJC.

Further research and consultation with the Northern California Indian Development Council and the Cultural Resources Specialist at the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria demonstrated that the Petaluma campus resides on the traditional territory of the Coast Miwok People.

In response to this additional information, the board voted to amend the land acknowledgement statement at its March 9 meeting. The updated acknowledgement now reads:

"We acknowledge that we gather at Santa Rosa Junior College on the territorial traditional land of the Pomo People in Santa Rosa and the Coast Miwok People in Petaluma, past and present, and honor with gratitude the land itself and the people who have stewarded it throughout the generations."

I encourage our entire community to support SRJC’s commitment to this updated land acknowledgement by sharing it at events and through other means, such as by including it in the signature of your emails.

I’d also like to once again acknowledge and thank those who worked on this land acknowledgement.

• Brenda Flyswithhawks, Tsalági Eastern Cherokee, Psychology, Behavioral Sciences

• Gary Sheard Vargas, Kashia Pomo, SRJC Student

• Josephine McKay, Dry Creek Pomo and Sierra Miwok, Psychology, Behavioral Sciences

• AC Panella, Indigenous Ally, Communication Studies, Petaluma

• Sandy Sigala, Hopland Band of Pomo Indians, Student Life Equity & Engagement

• Malesse Warner, Mescalero Apache/Cherokee, Director, Early Childhood Education

• Rose Hammock, Pomo, Wailacki, and Maidu, SRJC Student

Finally, thank you to our entire community for your ongoing commitment to this institution the many diverse students, employees and community members that make up SRJC.


SRJC Construction Center Update

The SRJC Construction Center is currently halfway through design development with TLCD Architecture. Our faculty from Adult Education and the Engineering and Applied Technology Department have been working diligently to get all the program needs on the table and prioritize what is possible in this new space. The building design will echo the Petaluma campus, two-thirds of which was also designed by TLCD. Above is a sneak peak of the 10,000 square foot building, looking from Call Building in the direction of the warehouse.


An Update from SRJC Libraries


Scroll the virtual stacks and see what’s new!


Check out this new database with sources from the field of sustainability, covering research on environmental stresses and their impact on society.


It's here! Our curated collection of audiobooks for listening on your browser or on the Libby App.


Remote Services Update

Curbside Pick-up Continues

Schedule pick-ups for Laptops, Hotspots, Reserve Textbooks and more! 


Borrow Circulating Books

Request books for pick-up in Smart Search.


Pop-up Backdrops for Students

FREE backdrops are available for curbside pick-up, while supplies last!


Bring It Back Coming Soon!

Return ALL library materials curbside, coming in May.


Upcoming Zoom Workshops

Students can register online for these library workshops—

·         Fake News: Information Evaluation in 2021, April 27, 28, 29

·         MLA Noodletools Workshop: Cite Your Sources Right, April 27


Supporting the SRJC We The Future Conference

Social Justice eBook Highlights

Browse, save and share these titles!

SRJC We The Future Research Guide

Discover resources for Social Justice research, learn about keynote speaker Boots Riley, and stream his debut film "Sorry To Bother You" from the SRJC Libraries Swank film collection.


Poets, Native & in the Diaspora

SRJC Libraries hosted a poetry reading with San Francisco Poet Laureate Tongo Eisen-Martin, Julian Talamantez Brolaski and Angel Dominguez.


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